About Me

John Howard

I believe in Customer Service!  You are the most important part of the transaction to me. 

I understand that You do not buy or sell a home or land every day of the year, or even every year.  I do.... I am here to guide you through the process and to make sure that you are happy when the process is finished!

Peace and Quiet

Never Forget

Find that right property for You!

My sons are grown now and in College.  That allows me to take part in things that I had not previously been able to do. 

Don't forget to enjoy the quiet times that are afforded in our hectic lives,  But, Also don't forget to remember the people that made it possible for us to enjoy our lives here in The Land of the Free! 

I am here to help you find Your dream home!  Let me guide you through the process and make it easier and smoother for You and Your family!